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W.R. Meadows Pointing Mastic

W.R. Meadows

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740 Pail
5-Gal Pail Cold Applied Polymeric Sealing
740 Tube
29oz Tube Cold Applied Polymeric Sealing
Quick Overview
  • Pre-mixed and easy-to-apply with caulking gun or trowel.
  • Excellent cohesive and adhesive strengths.
  • It will not lose bond once applied.
  • Specifically developed for use with detail strips, vaporproofing and waterproofing membranes, protection course boards and rolled matrix drainage systems.
  • Available in 5-Gal Pails and 29-oz Tubes
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POINTING MASTIC is a pre-mixed, cold-applied, polymeric single component sealing compound. POINTING MASTIC was specifically designed to seal all exterior, vertical and horizontal terminations of MEL-ROL® , MEL-DEK™, AIR-SHIELD™ and PMPC® from W. R. MEADOWS. It is also used for adhesive bonding of PROTECTION COURSE and MEL-DRAIN™. POINTING MASTIC can be used on all patches and overlaps in detail areas. It offers excellent cohesive and adhesive qualities when applied to structural concrete, masonry and/or wood. Once applied, it provides excellent adhesive and bonding strengths. POINTING MASTIC cures to form a tough, flexible membrane.

POINTING MASTIC is designed to meet a variety of building/construction product applications. These uses include sealing terminations for vertical or horizontal vaporproofing or waterproofing membranes, deck waterproofing systems, air barriers and flashing membranes.

It is used for adhesive bonding of protection course boards and rolled matrix draining systems. POINTING MASTIC is also applied between membrane and clamping rings at all terminations, drains and protrusions. In addition, POINTING MASTIC is ideal for sealing joints and concrete curbs and gutters. POINTING MASTIC can be applied to seal top edge horizontal terminations as well as the inside and outside corners of overlapping detail strips.
Additional Information
Manufacturer: W.R. Meadows
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